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An Easter Walk in Suva, Fiji

Childhood memories of Easter sunrise services made me get up early today and set out at 6 am on a walk along Queen Elizabeth Drive all the way to the University of South Pacific (USP) campus. I planned to complete a loop back to my hotel via Laucala Bay Rd. but got lost in the USP campus and couldn't get out of the university's gate on Muanikau Rd. I double-backed and caught a taxi on Laucala Bay Rd. back to my hotel.

I will not say I reflected much on Christ's resurrection. I just walked, thinking nothing, just taking in the sea, the mangroves, my fellow walkers, families on early Easter morning picnics, the institutions lining the Drive...

Just walking, breathing, propelling my body through this space I'm in.

Yet I frame what I take in. I point my iPhone camera and capture the sea, the mangrove, the boats and the rainbow. I dismiss the rubbish lining the beach. Such is the memory we want to keep.

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