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Existential angst

It is the second day of Eid. Here in Erbil, Iraq. Outside, the air is heating up to 45 C. Inside, I can keep it comfortably at 23.

A four-day weekend. Five if you consider Thursday, declared a holiday because of the heat.

An expat holed up in her comfortable space while trying to produce work that's supposed to help millions of Iraqis displaced in must be oven-like tents and other shelters.

An incongruence of life for sure. Not just physically but virtually.

I'm lucky I can expand my physical and mental spaces, infinitely, it seems, through the internet, even if my use of it can be considered conservative compared to the many channels of interaction it offers.

Through Skype, I can see and talk to my husband who is half a world away. YouTube offers a stream of music to go with my work and physical exercise. Amazon allows me to shop and have stuff delivered to people I care for. And so on.

But in the stillness of my expat space and within the infinity of the Internet, restlessness sets in and old existential questions percolate. What does life mean with the life I'm living?

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